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GBPS Network Pvt. Ltd.

Internet Service Provider at Kothrud

GBPS Networks is set to give much more to broadband users in Kothrud with the launch of their unmatched services.

How you ask ?

1) Dedicated access to Google and Google services for high speed uninterrupted access.
2) High speed and revolutionary network architecture powered by Akamai to give you first class internet experience.
3) Live streaming of sporting events like ICC World Cup or World Cup Footbal matches.
4) High definition and 3D videos for ultimate visual experience and feel.

For Enterprises:

1) Dedicated Google plus services to enhance the way you do business.
2) Dedicated 10 GBPS peering capacity with GOOGLE, Akamai, Youtube and Microsoft to facilitate faster connectivity and zero downtime.
3) Onsite and telephonic support from 9 30 am to 9 30 pm to resolve your queries in the shortest time.

Individual users can enjoy special Moonwalker Plans. These plans offer high speed internet during the day and double the speed during the nights from 1.2 MBPS to 40 MBPS. For all night owls who love to browse at night, these plans are a boon from 9 30 PM to 9 30 AM.

Infinity plans offer unlimited internet browsing at varying speeds depending on plans you choose. 50 MBPS plan is for high speed internet usage for limited data. After the data limit is exhausted the speed reduces to 1 MPBS.

Our enterprise broadband users is 1500+ strong and we offer dedicated broadband bandwidth to our clients. We offer internet bandwidth of 1:4 for shared contention ration and 1:1 for pure contention ratio. Superior customer service is our USP where we offer first priority for our enterprise customers and dedicated online support.

After using our broadband you will experience new possibilities for your business models and expansion goals. Contact us

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Internet Service Provider at Kothrud

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